the tools to create change

it is easy when you know how

The tools for creating change are not always physical. I feel the first tool that anyone needs is desire or the willingness to create the change. Now you have a hammer, you will need other resources and tools to start building a different life. You will need other tools as while and these are some of the other tools inside yourself that you may need

•   This is important because you have to love yourself, love the fact that you are going to be different person.
•   Trust. You need to be able to trust yourself that you can create this change.
•   Forgiveness. You will have to forgive yourself real shortcomings and forgive others for theirs and the pain they may have caused you.
•   Open-minded. She accepts there are things we may not understand that the will give us wisdom and knowledge in the pursuit of change.
•   Willing to listen. You must hear what people say that will assist you in understanding how to create change.
•   Willing to ask. Asking questions is a good way to get answers on what needs to change and how to changes and where to find resources.
•   Being humble. They say a prideful man sees no wrong in the mirror, but a humble man accepts the wrong is based in the mirror and is willing to change can find change all round.
•   Willing to help yourself and others. Someone said once if you're not willing to help yourself how can we expect others to help us. And if were not willing to help others why should people help us.
•    Creating change requires support, love, encouragement, understanding from those around us. It is said we assimilate to those we dissociate with. To the people around you support you in changing.

The knowledge and information we gather from different resources will help expand our mindset. It is said that the mindset we have now that led to a problem cannot solve it, a mindset has to be expanded before it can solve a problem. You may think had someone getting to a problem and solve it without expanding their mind. If you take two or more bits of information and join it to create a different bit of knowledge or understanding, you have expanded your mindset.

Some resources that you will need your minds to keep a look out for

•    Books & CDs. self-help, motivation and books on the topic of the thing we want to change in our life.
•    People. Different people will enter and exit to life to help you create the change you want or need, we just need to listen and feel for those people in our lives and what they are there for.
•    Seminars. These are places where people speak of developed and transform peoples lives, they have learnt to transform their lives and now are willing to share that information with others, so they can see others grow and create change in their life. The good thing about seminars is you meet like minded people.
•    DVD. You will find a lot speakers have created DVDs of their seminars so you can view in your own home. Also movies that inspire and create a desire to create change should be part of your life now. When you watch a movie any movie now you will look for the moral and the meaning behind the movie, begin to question the words the storyline and the true nature of what's going on. That's right every movie does have a meaning. But if you just I get lost in the movie, watch it another time and search for the change it can create in your life to move you forward. That's right forward.
•    Life/success coaches & NLP Practitioners: these are people that have been trained in a way that they take stuck mindsets and shifts so that these people can move forward in creating change.
•    Counsellors and therapists. These people over there to help you understand a problem and can help you will through issues.
•    Hypnotherapist. This is a good avenue to have behaviours and processes embedded into your subconscious to help a effect change in your life it also helps remove unwanted beliefs that no longer serve us. For example create a new believe the change is easy, if this was installed at the subconscious level, change would be easy. Because the old belief has been overwritten the new belief is what is going to have priority in your mind.