Relationships are full of emotions in both positive and negative, our thoughts and behaviours in relationships are governed by emotions more than any other thing. We need mastery of these things in order to truly appreciate a relationship, truly appreciate the other person and more to the point to truly appreciate ourselves in the way of our thoughts, our feelings and out actions towards others and ourselves.

Would not you rather have more passion in your relationship and not have that passion be overridden by frustration, remorse, selfishness.  How much passion(positive emotions) is lost because our negative emotions control us rather than we control them.

I want you for a moment to think about the relationship you have and the relationships you had.  How have you let your negative emotions rule you, have your let negative emotions destroy what was once wonderful.  Are you not the driver of your bus and the emotions your passengers.  You are the one who stopped the bus to let them on and off at particular points along your route, they do not tell you when to stop, do they.