Dr. Randy Pausch delivers his farewell lecture at Carnegie Mellon University.  he said “luck is where planning meets opportunity”  


So no one is really lucky it just planning.

So good planning = good luckbad planning = bad luck…..Or is it

If you plan to buy a lotto ticket with the right number you have the opportunity to win, if you plan to put the wrong numbers down do you have the same opportunity to win….No. Yet you do take a chance that you have got the right numbers. I have no plans to win for I don’t plan to buy a ticket so there is no opportunity to meet to win.

The way you plan is very much driven by your desire to have it, the greater the desire the better the planning. You will find those who want a job with a particular company plan more that some that just wants a job for money, they train for that position, they learn about the company and so on, would you say that they would have a better opportunity to land the job.

When you plan you days, weeks, months, years you will find yourself being luckier, because you are meeting the opportunity you have planned for or the opportunities present themselves because you planned.

The way we teach our children will help them plan the rest of their lives, I teach my son to look around in front of him and below him, because financial opportunities exist on the ground in the way of cans and coins, gold (man kicked a rock that was not a rock and became $100,000 richer) and diamonds (if you have read field of diamonds you would understand all this). He has a very creative mind and looks for opportunities to the amuse himself and creates things to play with from the most obscure items.  I have always taught him if you want something just ask, they can only say no, so he asked my dance teacher for those little fish shaped bottles of sauce that he had with his dinner and made himself an aquarium.  How do you plan to grow your children in mind, body and spirit.

I heard someone comment “you are so lucky to have met him”. she plan to look good for the party, she plan to be there, she planned to attract some into her life. So was it really luck or just, That’s right planning meeting opportunity. If she did not plan look good would she have that opportunity to meet him, if she planned to stay home would she have the opportunity to meet him and give she did not plan to want someone in her life would the opportunity be there.

We have to remember we plan things at a conscious and subconscious level, have you ever done something or said something, that made you put your foot in your mouth. Well that is subconscious planning at work and not in a good way or is it. I don’t want a man/woman in my life and did things to scare them off, and quietly say that was lucky.

You have to remember good luck or bad luck is ones perception, how do we really see the event; how I view it may not be the same way as others view that event. You might say lucky I did not attract him and your friends may say that was bad luck he looks such a hunk. It is all relative to the way we think or our model the world.

So next time you says good luck or bad luck to someone, just think to yourself did they plan it this way at a consciously or subconsciously level.

So my Friends go forth and plan Well for the opportunities you want in your life, and may Luck be on your side at a consciously or subconsciously level.