When you really come down to it, it’s you that create the change. You have to want to create change; no one else can really do it for you. You have to see where something is not working in your life. Someone my point that out to you but if you can’t see it you can’t change it. If you can’t see or smell that a baby needs changing would you change it. If you can’t tell a rubbish bin is full how do you know whether to empty it. You have to see it, feel it, hear it, smell it or even taste it before you know something needs to change. Then you have to have the desire and wiliness to want to change that part of your life that isn’t working for you anymore. And it’s you that has to find the education, tools, and resources to make the change. Why do you need these things you’ll see when you read the page on tools

Can you see that it’s you that get the mind moving towards change. And it’s you that has to believe that change is possible. It’s you that has to believe change is easy. And it’s you that came to this web site, either by you search for information to create change or someone had mentioned that you need to change. But it’s ultimately you chose to be here. That’s right it’s all about you and the changes you want to make.