The first step to finding or even having a great relationship is changing the way we think about love and relationships. To change the way we think we need to learn to let go of the past, this means getting rid of the old way of thinking that no longer serves us. Too many times we hold on to old way of thinking and old habits. This will prevent us from changing who we need to be, which in turn will stop us from having the relationship we want and need in our life.

Does not a grumpy old man needs to go inside and change the meanings he has about his life, to let go of past meanings that no longer serve them but are currently hurting him to let love into his heart and joy into his life. It is said we cannot project outside of ourselves what is not inside us. How can we give strawberries when there is only weeds in our paddocks. We can go inside the fences of our heart, and pull out the weeds and plate new seeds. Then enjoying the fruits of the harvest and then share the harvest with others

It will change your life if you want to.