wheel of life

wheel of life

To the left you will see a basic wheel of life, this is the three major areas that you can look at create change in. In the full wheel of life is broken up into eight areas, the other five are subsets of these three. The purpose of the wheel is to gauge what level of balance your life is at in these areas. When you are in balance the wheel looks fairly round and symmetrical, when some areas are out of balance the shape of the wheel gets very distorted.

What area and do I start with is used to the first question people have. Which one is the most important? Many people have debated this but the consensus always comes down to health. If you’re poor in health most of the time, how can you work to earn money, how could you be a good husband or wife father and mother, do things and have a social life. You see health is very important to us and probably one of the most neglected areas of our own lives. You can see that more money is spent in the health sector by private enterprises and government than anything else. What does the government spend on relationships helping people of business and careers and creating wealth.

What area of your life would you like to improve is the better question. Or more so which one first as you can do first, you can do all of them if you wish. When you start fixing one it spills over to the other ones as well. Does not crappy relationship or a job affect your health? And how does your job suffer when you break up with your partner. So you can see how one area can affect another, damaging one can damages the other so it’s safe to say fixing one can help fix the others.

When change happens it can be called a breakthrough or a shift. It’s like an epiphany or when the penny drops that allows you to move your life forward. It will make you look different even feel different. Even one of my clients commented once, who had not seen in six months commented on how different I looked as looked happier and had lost weight I had some real big shifts and breakthroughs in that six months when I first started my journey to change my life for the better. Three years on, changes and breakthroughs are still happening.

Much of it comes down to the way you think about problems how solve them and what they really mean in your life and this is how the change starts. The term used for this is changing ones MINDSET. So when you do see that term will even here it you will know it’s referring to the way people think and do things.

A client, who is wanting to lose weight shifted her mindset about doing ab crunches, at first she told herself they were hard when she shifted their thinking(mindset) she came to realise they were easy to do and became easier and she was able do more.