It just occurred to me was spent a whole life trying to master dating, relationships and that type of stuff.  How do you master something that is always changing and rearranging.  As we go through our lives and depending on the experiences we have it will create change in us, this means something happens and it shifts the way we think and does creating change in our life.  In addition, when this change occurs we are no longer the same person we were five minutes ago.  Our partners would have to adapt to these changes big or small, failing to adapt to these changes creates stresses and pressure on the relationship. In addition, some times this creates a rift to great for people to be together any more. The rules of dating and relationships seem to change all the time.  You open a door for one woman she smiles and thank you, another woman will abuse you.  Therefore, we must not try to master it; we must appreciate its movement throughout lives and adapt ourselves to its flow.  Hold on tight when changes come, adapt yourself to that change or will ride it out for that moment in time. You control the people you date, the relationships you have, even how long it will last. You have to appreciate that you cannot control how the other person will be in a relationship and still be true to them.  If you want to plant a fruit tree, you control what type of tree, where you are going to plant it. You control how you nurture it, prune it and watch it grow.  You have to appreciate that you can not control how fast it grows, how much fruit it bears or exactly when it will bear that fruit.  For when it does bear fruit and the fruit is good you can enjoy it, can’t you.  So striving for the all the answers about relationships dating and the like, will take up valuable time and resources and you may miss some good fruit.  So learn what you need to learn and grow, to remember most growth is due to experience in how life. We may mask the different aspects of dating and relationships, these aspects are with in us. Our personality, appearance, thoughts and behaviours are things we can master and should master, if we choose to. When we do master these things, we will have a dating experience we want and the relationships we need and want.