Dr. Randy Pausch delivers his farewell lecture at Carnegie Mellon University.  he said “luck is where planning meets opportunity”  


So no one is really lucky it just planning.

So good planning = good luckbad planning = bad luck…..Or is it

If you plan to buy a lotto ticket with the right number you have the opportunity to win, if you plan to put the wrong numbers down do you have the same opportunity to win….No. Yet you do take a chance that you have got the right numbers. I have no plans to win for I don’t plan to buy a ticket so there is no opportunity to meet to win.

The way you plan is very much driven by your desire to have it, the greater the desire the better the planning. You will find those who want a job with a particular company plan more that some that just wants a job for money, they train for that position, they learn about the company and so on, would you say that they would have a better opportunity to land the job.

When you plan you days, weeks, months, years you will find yourself being luckier, because you are meeting the opportunity you have planned for or the opportunities present themselves because you planned.

The way we teach our children will help them plan the rest of their lives, I teach my son to look around in front of him and below him, because financial opportunities exist on the ground in the way of cans and coins, gold (man kicked a rock that was not a rock and became $100,000 richer) and diamonds (if you have read field of diamonds you would understand all this). He has a very creative mind and looks for opportunities to the amuse himself and creates things to play with from the most obscure items.  I have always taught him if you want something just ask, they can only say no, so he asked my dance teacher for those little fish shaped bottles of sauce that he had with his dinner and made himself an aquarium.  How do you plan to grow your children in mind, body and spirit.

I heard someone comment “you are so lucky to have met him”. she plan to look good for the party, she plan to be there, she planned to attract some into her life. So was it really luck or just, That’s right planning meeting opportunity. If she did not plan look good would she have that opportunity to meet him, if she planned to stay home would she have the opportunity to meet him and give she did not plan to want someone in her life would the opportunity be there.

We have to remember we plan things at a conscious and subconscious level, have you ever done something or said something, that made you put your foot in your mouth. Well that is subconscious planning at work and not in a good way or is it. I don’t want a man/woman in my life and did things to scare them off, and quietly say that was lucky.

You have to remember good luck or bad luck is ones perception, how do we really see the event; how I view it may not be the same way as others view that event. You might say lucky I did not attract him and your friends may say that was bad luck he looks such a hunk. It is all relative to the way we think or our model the world.

So next time you says good luck or bad luck to someone, just think to yourself did they plan it this way at a consciously or subconsciously level.

So my Friends go forth and plan Well for the opportunities you want in your life, and may Luck be on your side at a consciously or subconsciously level.



 i had an interesting conversaion with a new client today. He was tired of how his body felt so he came for a massage. It’s was not until he had enough he decided to create change in the way he wanted his body to feel.  why is it we have to have enough to want to create change in our lives, would it not be better to do something before it get to a point of imploding your wel-being. as it becomes overwelming.  we strugle with it’s might, causing damage around us.



wheel of life

wheel of life

To the left you will see a basic wheel of life, this is the three major areas that you can look at create change in. In the full wheel of life is broken up into eight areas, the other five are subsets of these three. The purpose of the wheel is to gauge what level of balance your life is at in these areas. When you are in balance the wheel looks fairly round and symmetrical, when some areas are out of balance the shape of the wheel gets very distorted.

What area and do I start with is used to the first question people have. Which one is the most important? Many people have debated this but the consensus always comes down to health. If you’re poor in health most of the time, how can you work to earn money, how could you be a good husband or wife father and mother, do things and have a social life. You see health is very important to us and probably one of the most neglected areas of our own lives. You can see that more money is spent in the health sector by private enterprises and government than anything else. What does the government spend on relationships helping people of business and careers and creating wealth.

What area of your life would you like to improve is the better question. Or more so which one first as you can do first, you can do all of them if you wish. When you start fixing one it spills over to the other ones as well. Does not crappy relationship or a job affect your health? And how does your job suffer when you break up with your partner. So you can see how one area can affect another, damaging one can damages the other so it’s safe to say fixing one can help fix the others.

When change happens it can be called a breakthrough or a shift. It’s like an epiphany or when the penny drops that allows you to move your life forward. It will make you look different even feel different. Even one of my clients commented once, who had not seen in six months commented on how different I looked as looked happier and had lost weight I had some real big shifts and breakthroughs in that six months when I first started my journey to change my life for the better. Three years on, changes and breakthroughs are still happening.

Much of it comes down to the way you think about problems how solve them and what they really mean in your life and this is how the change starts. The term used for this is changing ones MINDSET. So when you do see that term will even here it you will know it’s referring to the way people think and do things.

A client, who is wanting to lose weight shifted her mindset about doing ab crunches, at first she told herself they were hard when she shifted their thinking(mindset) she came to realise they were easy to do and became easier and she was able do more.



We as humans always need a reason to do something, this is called the “why” factor. If you listen carefully to children more than adults, when you ask or tell a child to do something don’t they always say why. “why” do I have to clean up my room, “why” do I need to brush my teeth. Children yet can’t see the big picture of things in life and need to be aware of the reason “why”. Adults can be the same way some times can’t they, but were less likely to process the “why” consciously unless its new material that we need to process consciously. For example

Husband: Why do I need to take your rubbish it’s not full
Wife: it’s beginning to smell honey
Husband: I can’t smell it.
Wife: well I can Sweetie
Husband: then why don’t you take it out.
Wife: I’ll give you sex.
Husband: thinking sex or computer game.

This is a classic example from my life, The “why” was not big enough for me to change my mind about taking out the rubbish. There was no guarantee of results for that “why” even existed.

People may have a “why” but they cannot see the results, or even imagine the results coming to pass, they my devaluing the “why”. If a child cannot see the value in a parent asking to clean the room why would you want to spend his time doing it. If the parents said “you clean your room and you’ll get a reward” has the why value gone up. The child now conceding that the results of the why will lead to something they want .

We have to see the value in the results even though we cannot see the result straight away. Why give up smoking we are going to die anyway, I could get hit by a truck tomorrow. Why give up something that can kill me when brings me so much pleasure, well that’s their belief or model of the world. And I believe that someone’s belief is a combination of the scripts we have taken on board and the values. Scripts being the things we have been taught, the things we have heard and the things that influence us.

When the “why” is big enough it will shift our beliefs, it will make us want to change our beliefs. If we believe our health is important, and through been healthier we can experience pleasures smoking could not provide, if this was the WHY to give up smoking would they do it. I have heard people offered large sums of money to quit, but they didn’t because the WHY was not big enough in their reality.

Through the training and education I did to become a life coach this is something that is always stressed ” what is their why”.

So I ask you now what is your why to create change in your life.

Why do you want better health, why do you want great relationships with partners, family, clients and yourself. Why do you want more money in your life, what would this change for you, what can you do with it and how can you use it to change and influence other people’s lives.

The first change I made in my life was health. what will yours be.



When you really come down to it, it’s you that create the change. You have to want to create change; no one else can really do it for you. You have to see where something is not working in your life. Someone my point that out to you but if you can’t see it you can’t change it. If you can’t see or smell that a baby needs changing would you change it. If you can’t tell a rubbish bin is full how do you know whether to empty it. You have to see it, feel it, hear it, smell it or even taste it before you know something needs to change. Then you have to have the desire and wiliness to want to change that part of your life that isn’t working for you anymore. And it’s you that has to find the education, tools, and resources to make the change. Why do you need these things you’ll see when you read the page on tools

Can you see that it’s you that get the mind moving towards change. And it’s you that has to believe that change is possible. It’s you that has to believe change is easy. And it’s you that came to this web site, either by you search for information to create change or someone had mentioned that you need to change. But it’s ultimately you chose to be here. That’s right it’s all about you and the changes you want to make.



have you ever been told to change your life, but didn’t know what they meant all really how to do it. you might not have seen the necessity to do it as you were happy with the way your life has been up to that point. and have no real desire to change it. look around at all the people you know and they live in the lifestyle they want, by they having performance and joy in all areas of their life?

Is there something more your life that she wants but are unsure of?
If there was something different about your life now what could be that would need to be changed from that difference to exist?

change your life is easy, I know of done it.it did require a loss of mental shifting, to make it easy. and you do have to appreciate that change is within all of us if we truly desire it to happen. For when we truly have a desire things seem to be easier. Our desire creates focus, and when we’re focused we are driven. so can you see now, how change can be easy. Just stop now and remember the first time you did something. And remember that being the second time you did that and the third and the four and the fifth, did it become easier each time. the more knowledge you got by doing that the easier it it became. Once you have the tools and knowledge to create change in your own life, it to to create change to a stop now and think about the.