What limiting descions is keeping your weight on. case 1 limiting desions was if i loss weight i will atract a man and he will not let me do what i need to do in my life. casse 2. I always atract the wrong type of guy when I’m thin. Wow… we can’t comtrol who we attract, WE can control who we accept in to our lives. You can attract the wrong guy/girl if you are thin or large. You decide who you let into your space.



our health is very important to us, the state of the health is a difference of us been able to do things in our day-to-day life. Meanwhile If the difference between the relationships we can have, the work we can do, the people that we can help.

Our health is the centre of their existence on this earth. And how we exist on this earth comes down to two parts of health we need to always keep in check.

Our physical health. this is our physical body. and it’s not just the outside this also includes the inside.
Our emotional health or Mental health. This is the emotional component of us, it’s all about how we feel, how we behaviour and our thoughts.

It is said to start with the end in mind.

So first thing you have to decide, is what your new health is to be.
How fit, do you want to be?
How much weight would you like to lose?
What to you want to give up, to have better health?

Start with the END in mind