Someone asked “is it better to be alone for the right reasons than with some for the wrong reasons”. A panellist responded with “Connection and love is one of the basic human needs, and a lot of times we don’t care how that need is met if I need to be on drugs to be with this person that’s fine with me, is what some people think. If I have to sleep with them to keep him I would do it, and I hear this a lot from my teenage female clients. And I know a lot of people would rather be alone for the right reasons why get tangled up in the Web that isn’t good for you, but we all don’t think like that. A relationship must leave a more positive impression than a negative. But some time we have to look deep and hard for those positives or the right reasons for being there in that relationship, for as human we seam to see and dwell on the negative which inturn over shadow the positives, but in time we come to see them and realise them.”