We as humans always need a reason to do something, this is called the “why” factor. If you listen carefully to children more than adults, when you ask or tell a child to do something don’t they always say why. “why” do I have to clean up my room, “why” do I need to brush my teeth. Children yet can’t see the big picture of things in life and need to be aware of the reason “why”. Adults can be the same way some times can’t they, but were less likely to process the “why” consciously unless its new material that we need to process consciously. For example

Husband: Why do I need to take your rubbish it’s not full
Wife: it’s beginning to smell honey
Husband: I can’t smell it.
Wife: well I can Sweetie
Husband: then why don’t you take it out.
Wife: I’ll give you sex.
Husband: thinking sex or computer game.

This is a classic example from my life, The “why” was not big enough for me to change my mind about taking out the rubbish. There was no guarantee of results for that “why” even existed.

People may have a “why” but they cannot see the results, or even imagine the results coming to pass, they my devaluing the “why”. If a child cannot see the value in a parent asking to clean the room why would you want to spend his time doing it. If the parents said “you clean your room and you’ll get a reward” has the why value gone up. The child now conceding that the results of the why will lead to something they want .

We have to see the value in the results even though we cannot see the result straight away. Why give up smoking we are going to die anyway, I could get hit by a truck tomorrow. Why give up something that can kill me when brings me so much pleasure, well that’s their belief or model of the world. And I believe that someone’s belief is a combination of the scripts we have taken on board and the values. Scripts being the things we have been taught, the things we have heard and the things that influence us.

When the “why” is big enough it will shift our beliefs, it will make us want to change our beliefs. If we believe our health is important, and through been healthier we can experience pleasures smoking could not provide, if this was the WHY to give up smoking would they do it. I have heard people offered large sums of money to quit, but they didn’t because the WHY was not big enough in their reality.

Through the training and education I did to become a life coach this is something that is always stressed ” what is their why”.

So I ask you now what is your why to create change in your life.

Why do you want better health, why do you want great relationships with partners, family, clients and yourself. Why do you want more money in your life, what would this change for you, what can you do with it and how can you use it to change and influence other people’s lives.

The first change I made in my life was health. what will yours be.



When you really come down to it, it’s you that create the change. You have to want to create change; no one else can really do it for you. You have to see where something is not working in your life. Someone my point that out to you but if you can’t see it you can’t change it. If you can’t see or smell that a baby needs changing would you change it. If you can’t tell a rubbish bin is full how do you know whether to empty it. You have to see it, feel it, hear it, smell it or even taste it before you know something needs to change. Then you have to have the desire and wiliness to want to change that part of your life that isn’t working for you anymore. And it’s you that has to find the education, tools, and resources to make the change. Why do you need these things you’ll see when you read the page on tools

Can you see that it’s you that get the mind moving towards change. And it’s you that has to believe that change is possible. It’s you that has to believe change is easy. And it’s you that came to this web site, either by you search for information to create change or someone had mentioned that you need to change. But it’s ultimately you chose to be here. That’s right it’s all about you and the changes you want to make.



have you ever been told to change your life, but didn’t know what they meant all really how to do it. you might not have seen the necessity to do it as you were happy with the way your life has been up to that point. and have no real desire to change it. look around at all the people you know and they live in the lifestyle they want, by they having performance and joy in all areas of their life?

Is there something more your life that she wants but are unsure of?
If there was something different about your life now what could be that would need to be changed from that difference to exist?

change your life is easy, I know of done did require a loss of mental shifting, to make it easy. and you do have to appreciate that change is within all of us if we truly desire it to happen. For when we truly have a desire things seem to be easier. Our desire creates focus, and when we’re focused we are driven. so can you see now, how change can be easy. Just stop now and remember the first time you did something. And remember that being the second time you did that and the third and the four and the fifth, did it become easier each time. the more knowledge you got by doing that the easier it it became. Once you have the tools and knowledge to create change in your own life, it to to create change to a stop now and think about the.



Before you can create your wealth, you have to decide to create a mindset for wealth. It was once said to me, a man wealth will shrink or grow to their mindset. A USA lottery winner hit a $235 million jackpot that money was gone in 2 years. A world famous boxer earned over $400 million in his life of boxing GONE. Will Smith lost it all when he first started. He turns his mindset around and look now. John Travolta, what mindset does he have to be where he is today? Why do some movie stars climb and fall, broken and broke ODing, hitting the bottle. MINDSET it’s how the people on top stay on top.

I know for myself, I was surprised how many negative beliefs and script I had about money. Money is the root of all evil, you can’t have money and God, money doesn’t grow on trees, to have money you have to do illegal thing, be religious and have those told you a few time. I don’t want to be a target for criminals, mooching friend, ex-partners. Money is hard to get. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

I would like you to write down on a piece of paper the negative emotions and negative thoughts towards money that you currently have in your life, very similar to the above. Then I want you to write down all the negative or demeaning things people have told you about money, wealth and rich people. As you look at these things can you see how these things have determined how much money you have in your life and how well you keep it.

It was once said from a speaker, if you don’t value and respect its you can’t hold it. Was he really talking about money, love, or something else? When you start developing your mindset you will hear things about one topic you can cross contextualise that meaning. This means he/she may be talking about money, it can be turnaround and make it mean love or health. He then went on to say that things you value most, the money will pass to it. If you value saving when it’s your money go, if you value shoes where there is money go, if you value a drink with the mates where does the money go.

It is money the root of all evil; the Bible says “is the love of money is the root of all evil”. I’ve never seen anywhere in the Scriptures would God told us, to be poor financially. Did he not bless the people that they may prosper? I can’t find anywhere where it said Rich people can’t be humble.

Money is a tool it can be used from good and evil it’s your choice how you use it.


A very wealthy man said to me once, and he said it to a whole room of people to. Make as much money as you want, do the things you want to do, create a lifestyle which you want and with the excess help people.

The only really hear about the rich and the bad, but the reach doing good it silence.

To create wealth you need a vehicle or strategies, you can’t create wealth without education and knowledge, first gain this. See the value in the education and what this education will lead you to. You may have to try different strategies attend different seminars buy different CDs, DVDs, books. There is no price for education was can lead to wealth of the mind the body, the sole, the hearts, and the wallet.



our health is very important to us, the state of the health is a difference of us been able to do things in our day-to-day life. Meanwhile If the difference between the relationships we can have, the work we can do, the people that we can help.

Our health is the centre of their existence on this earth. And how we exist on this earth comes down to two parts of health we need to always keep in check.

Our physical health. this is our physical body. and it’s not just the outside this also includes the inside.
Our emotional health or Mental health. This is the emotional component of us, it’s all about how we feel, how we behaviour and our thoughts.

It is said to start with the end in mind.

So first thing you have to decide, is what your new health is to be.
How fit, do you want to be?
How much weight would you like to lose?
What to you want to give up, to have better health?

Start with the END in mind